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Three smoothed moving averages are used however they are displaced moving averages. This simply means that the reading is adjusted X bars into the future which better forecasts the future trend direction. With this trading strategy, your orders are somewhat safer.

The Alligator falls asleep – the hunt is over; the predator is full. The lines of moving averages converge; the trend fades away; at this time, the profit is fixed for previously opened positions. Alligator is a strategy based on the Bill Williams indicator of the same name with the addition of filters to enter the market. The Alligator indicator is a trend following indicator. The Alligator indicator trading strategy was vastly used in the Profitunity trading system by Bill Williams.

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Once you find a Fractal that is either above or below the Alligator’s Teeth, wait for the Alligator to start opening its Jaw, which happens when the three moving averages start to expand. If the Alligator indicator is signaling an uptrend, simply place a Stop Buy order one tick above the Up Fractal in the direction of the trend. Similarly, if the Alligator indicator is signaling a downturn, put a Stop Sell order one tick below the Down Fractal with your broker. Bill M. Williams, Ph.D. is considered as one of the forefathers of modern trading psychology. Back in the 1980’s, he came up with chaos theory that offered a methodological understanding of market structures.

You will use the Alligator indicator to confirm an ongoing trend before opening an order. However, this trading strategy requires you to wait patiently. You need to wait for the price retest when a trend occurs. The balance lines can provide resistance/support during the trend phase. The price can go beyond the green line for the short periods of time. The more it tries to break the green line, the weaker the trend becomes.

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You can see for example when the trend line is plotted, price continues to move higher. The chart below shows the Alligator Indicator applied to a price chart. Updated an existing Divergent Bar script to be able to show all divergent bars. There are 2 set of divergent bars that can be turned on. The original one based on price and alligator lines, and a new second one that shows ALL divergent bars.

The second set has lighter lines and colors to differentiate them from the filtered alligator divergent bars. Wilder’s DMI consists of three indicators that measure a trend’s strength and direction.

Alligator Indicator

It can be used to filter trades or generate trade signals. Moving Average Convergence Divergence is defined as a trend-following momentum indicator that shows the relationship between two moving averages of a security’s price. The alligator «sleeps» for some time before a new awakening signal goes off, and uptrend commences with another «eating with an open mouth» phase. The lines cross again, signaling that the alligator is «sated.» Until the mouth opens again, remain on the sidelines. The three lines stretched apart and moving higher or lower denote trending periods in which long or short positions should be maintained and managed.

In our other post on Profitunity indicators, readers can know more about this strategy. Overall this strategy is a trend following strategy and one can trade it with much accuracy if he considers fractal breakouts in the same direction of the trend. Bill William created the analogy with the alligator to describe the behavior of the market, according to the phases of the alligator’s daily routine. For example, the time of the trend absence or sideways moves relates to the alligator’s sleeping. After, the alligator wakes up and looks for its prey – it’s a period of the trend. The trend strength depends on the length of the sideways trading as the alligator’s hunger depends on when it was sleeping. In the above chart, you can see that we have both the horizontal support and resistance levels and trend lines plotted on the chart.

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A displaced moving average even has the shifting attributes incorporated. Both are great signals to take with the Forex Alligator indicator. If you use the five-minute chart and a fake cross signal appears, don’t set a hundred pips take-profit level. Do that if the signal comes from the daily chart, for example.

The Alligator is an indicator developed by Bill Williams. Its purpose is to identify a trend and its direction and filter good signals from the bad ones thus avoiding the range-bound market that can lead to loses. However, one can use moving averages instead and have the same result.

Alligator Indicator Formula (calculation)

This way, you adjust your expectations with the time frame used. While it seems logical, most traders fail to recognize the time frame’s importance. Decisions to buy or sell should come at support or resistance. For this reason, the Alligator indicator formula is a great tool for traders. The three averages plotted on the chart reflect the time frame you use.

Then there is a sell-off and the mouth opens to the downside, signaling a downtrend. The lines cross again, signaling that the alligator is “sated.” Until the mouth opens again, remain on the sidelines.

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The indicator applies convergence-divergence relationships to build trading signals, with the Jaw making the slowest turns and the Lips making the fastest turns. The Lips crossing down through the other lines signals a short sale opportunity while crossing upward signals a buying opportunity. Williams refers to the downward cross as the Alligator Indicator alligator «sleeping» and the upward cross as the alligator «awakening.» With moving averages on lower time frames, you can get a ton of whip back and forth. You must keep in mind that since we are using displaced moving averages, each of the 3 lines will be plotted ahead of price by the factor of the displacement – 3, 5, and 8 periods.

He combined trading psychology with applied technical analysis and offered a vastly advance trading system that was ahead of his time. Conveniently, this indicator is already the basis of the trading strategy. Alligator shows both the direction of the trend and the zone of the possible end of the correction. Traders can choose to filter and find entry points according to their own market analysis.