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Who we are

We are a group of professionals from different areas of personal and professional experience in rental flats (tourism and non-tourism ) which shall ensure to provide the best experience for your guests and meet your goals as owner

Our values



Each of us take care of an area, with dedication and attitude


Transparency and Rigor

We maintain the flow of information to ensure that, as owner, you feel confident with our work and we comply with all legal requirements, avoiding all risks of the activity



Our revenues come from the added value we bring to all parties. We do not add any cost to the process that has no impact on an increase in this value.



We offer to the guests the best experience regardless of the type of stay. Exceeding their expectations and taking care of the respect for the neighbourhood



We are young, cheerful and with good energy that is transmitted through all forms of contact we have with the owners and guests.

Enjoy your time and your money

knowing that everything is

in good hands


We offer a complete service.
We take care of everything

Creation and adequacy of your listing

We work with Airbnb, HomeAway and other platforms. We create and refine your listing. We update and adapt schedules and prices periodically.

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Reservation Managing

We select those guests who better fit with your apartment and offer them the best experience. We take care of the CHECK IN/CHECK OUT and exchange of keys. We manage any incident 24/7.

Cleaning and maintenance

We have our own personnel assigned to your property carrying out a professional and respectful cleanliness. It includes the change of bed clothes, towels and refills. Also we offer basic maintenance and coordination of more wide actions.

Decoration and presentation of your property

We help you to improve the image of your apartment. Also we can manage projects of renovation express (minimal time and cost) to increase the category of your property

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We assure the fulfillment of the law and guard over your safety in all the aspects with the confection of the simplest and complete possible contracts.


We advise you on which it is the best option to fiscal level to optimize your income and to fulfill with all the requirements. We do the fiscal liquidations for you, without incremental cost.


We manage the information and do the notifications for you according to the regulation of every city. (Payment of rates, information for the city police, etc …).


We adapt to your profile and to the characteristics of your properties looking for the best option.

Pay per booking

You will pay a % from the amount of the bookings, excluding the cleaning service

We take care of everything

20%/ reserva

  • Creación y adecuación de tu anuncio
  • Gestión de Reservas
  • Limpieza y Mantenimiento
  • Decoración y Presentación de la Propiedad
  • Consejo Legal
  • Consejo Fiscal
  • Cumplimiento de normativas
  • Maximización de tus ingresos


How does Welcomy maximize the income?

We know the market and know how to extract the best profitability of your property, adapting to your owner’s profile and to the characteristics of your property. We work the tools necessary for it:

– Promotion of reviews

– Smart Prices

– Agreements with entities that need to offer housing to his clients

– Versatility in the stays (multistay)

– Versatility in the properties

– Improvement in the presentation of your property with a simple project of decoration or a small investment

– Welcome Pack

– Moderating the seasonal curve across medium-term rents

What advantages has it to contract Welcomy?

Besides saving time, we will probably make you make more money than you win now since we will work to maximize the income and saving costs. In addition you will have the safety of which everything is controlled in all the aspects (safety of your property, fulfillment of the legal and fiscal regulation, flow of income, etc …) that will allow you to save a lot of money in the future and have peace of mind.

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My property does not have tourist license, can Welcomy help me anyway?

Yes, we first can help you to obtain the tourist license and, in case this one could not be proceeded temporarily, we could find alternatives that improve the profitability of the rent of your properties.

How do I receive the payments of the income obtained by the management of my property?

At the end of every month, you will receive an extract with all the information necessary for your control besides a few basic estadísitcas. With this extract, you will receive also a wire transfer.

Does Welcomy prepare my tax returns for me?

Yes, we estimate, sent and  liquidate in your name the tax returns derived from the activity. At the end of year, we will send the necessary calculation in order that you realize your income tax return. We also advise you to optimize your fiscal structure according to your personal situation.

Does Welcomy take care of all the bureaucratic steps?

Yes, we provide in your name the tourist rates as well as we fulfil with the local regulation and with the information supplied to the authorities.

What is the express renovation?

If you want to improve the category of your property, one of the possibilities is to carry out a renovation of the same one. We advise you in the possibilities and study the profitability of your investment. We can help you to finance it also.

Does Welcomy help me to estimate the profitability of my property?

Certainly, we have created the Welcomy_Business Plan for it. This one simple system allows to evaluate the future income obtained (comparing them with another form of exploitation of the property). Also it helps to estimate the profitability of every euro invested in your property.

I have another kind of property, could welcomy help me?

Certainly, contact us and we could study together the legal way of making profitable your property.

Who will manage my property?

Your property will be managed always by the same person. All the related matters (reservations, calendars, check in/check out, fiscal information, maintenance and cleanliness, etc …) will be coordinated by him or her.


Tell us how it is your property. We will contact you to coordinate a visit to your property or properties and to evaluate together the possibilities of collaboration.


Barcelona | +34 931 760 057


+34 602 869 059

Tell us about your property

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Postal Code


How is your property ?

Property type

Type of accommodation



Square meters

Link your listing

When would you prefer to be contacted?

How do you prefer to be contacted?

We can formalize the contracts and us put to work for you and that enjoyments of your time knowing that everything is in good hands

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